It's a colourful world.......

Door Ans Duin, 2021

70cm x 120cm x 2cm

T The paintings of Ans Duin are painted with exceptional expressive colours.The background is built up in  untill  layers withh acrylic on linen. The materials Ans work with are of 100 high quality, as well the paint as well the linen.When the background is ready and Ans is satisfied than she adds the flowers and again in thick paint, layer on layer. After having finished the painting she waits a few days to know if the painting is really o.k. or does she has to add something more.  But after that, the painting will be finished with varnish to keep the bright colours. Artcollectors all over the world has painting(s) of Ans on their wall, from America. Europe to even Japan. I am proud so many people love my paintings. Expo: t/m 26 mei 2022 Hilton Gardenhotel, Oegstgeest/Leiden.



Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Acrylic | Op doek


Schilderij Landschap Yellow Bloemen Blue Kleurrijk Painting Red Purple White Landscape Flowers Lente Zomer Summer Kaarten Colourful Pasen Ansduin

Over Ans Duin

In het werk van Ans zie je altijd het licht, het positieve gevoel waarvan zij uitgaat. Het werk wordt opgebouwd in vele lagen waardoor er diepte in het expressieve werk ontstaat.