Just Orbs?

Door Merel van Eck, 2021

40cm x 40cm

Just Orbs?, olieverf op doek, Merel van Eck 2021. 'Deeper into the forest, you will find that it is dark and you’re left with nothing but your own mind and courage to challenge you to go further. Strangely somehow, it’s like the forest knows that I need some guidance and strength to find my path. Suddenly these orbs are appearing everywhere, shining so bright that I can even look further into the distance and find more lights showing the way. Their energy is strong, warm and peaceful and they give me a feeling like everything will be fine somehow. This is truly a magical, enchanted forest and I wonder what these orbs really are. Are they spirits of the forest or are they just… orbs?'

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Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Olieverf | Op doek


Licht Magisch Light Donker Bos Sprookje Bossen Forest Energie Fairytale Lichten Magical Enchanted Orbs Orb Forests Lightnings

Over Merel van Eck

Merel van Eck is een Nederlandse hobby kunstenaar en maakt olieverfschilderijen op doek. Natuur en mooie landschappen zijn haar grootste inspiratie.