Let your love flow !

Door Ans Duin, 2020

80cm x 140cm x 3cm

Let your love flow, I painted a world in which you can walk and dream. Flowers all over in all kind of colours. I paint with my heart, I am a dreamer that the world can become a beautifull place without hate and war. Be kind to everyone you meet. Colorful painting painted with acrylic on linen of 100% quality linen, permanently tight canvas! Including hanging system, so this eye-catcher can be placed directly on your wall.          



Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Acryl | Op doek


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Schilderij Rood Oranje Geel Landschap Blauw Paars Groen Bloemen Kleurig Kleurrijk Natuur Lila Ansduin

Over Ans Duin

If the viewer looks, he sees the hidden meaning in the landscape and the positive thought behind it. Art is also letting go, accepting life in all its forms, sorrow, grief, joy, birth, old age.