Door Angeline Rijkeboer, 2013

30cm x 40cm

V13-001 Inclusief zwarte houten lijst.   Referentiefoto: Dean Mason ©, wildlife-fotograaf. "I would be honoured for you to use the image as a reference photo for your painting, but I would like to be named as the photographer and copyright owner of the image. I must insist that you mention the image is protected by copyright and must not be used elsewhere, apart from your painting that I have given permission for." Dean Mason.



Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Acrylic | Op doek


Vogel Wildlife Dieren Art Painting Acrylic Birds Bird Vogels Animals Ijsvogel Kingfisher Vogelschilderij

Over Angeline Rijkeboer

Kleurrijke schilderijen van dieren (wildlife/huisdieren/vogels), landschappen en gebouwen. Ook zijn er workshops te volgen.