Quantum Matrix

Door Aurora Sekhmet, 2008

50cm x 50cm

When I'm finished here on earth, and I am finally allowed to release my last breath, with a sigh, I go Home to my Beloved Twin Flame. We wiil be together for all Eternity then, having earned our Love through suffering, loss, pain and unending, undying LOVE. We will live together in God's Heart, our love true, Divine Love.. The other orbs are all Twin Flames; re-united in everlasting rapture..



Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Olieverf | Op doek


Schilderij Vrouw Man Art Woman Oil Olieverf Kunst Painting Bol Tweeling Ziel Wiskundig Universum Flames Sphere Opstijgen Extase Oneindigheid Twin Couple Universe Geliefden Infinity Rise

Over Aurora Sekhmet