Verhaallijn 8

Door Mimi van Bindsbergen, 2021

30cm x 42cm x 4cm

Een verhaal,  de verschillende momenten achterelkaar.  Vluchtig, als op een Buhne. Elk moment kan het anders zijn.

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Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Acryl | Op paneel

Over Mimi van Bindsbergen

ABOUT MY WORK: It is as if I were an archeologist, walking through a landscape searching for the depths and layers of time. The landscape like a memory of the past? What is the earth telling me? The excitement, ecstasy is what I also want to show the viewer. It is a certain intensity and concentration that takes me further from what I’m actually seeing. My work connects landscape with people and therefore to me. This is the rhythm of time. H