Door Liesbet Optendrees, 2021

24cm x 33cm x 33cm

When we die what will be left of us…! Eventually bones and often our skull. Scientists can use DNA to see how old you have become and approximately when you have lived. But it doesn't tell you who you were as a person. Where is the story about our lives? The story unfolds in your hands. Your fingerprints are unique, but the lines on your hands change with everything you experience in your life. They are lines that no one will ever be able to remember. This story also disappears at the end of our lives. All we need is a nice imprint of our hands to record our life story for people to read. When we die, we become 21 grams lighter. Our soul? Is our story stored in those 21 grams, this energy that goes back to…!!! do we take this with us to the next life? The structure should match the feeling it should evoke. The structure of a painting is always functional and never created randomly. The materials paper, ash, sand, rust powders, natural pigments, etc. are often made by myself, collected or taken from travels. Residual materials such as scrap iron, sawdust, wood chips, cotton are also used. Most of the work is produced on 3D canvases. The pigments and/or acrylic paint are applied in many (thin) layers, swept, scratched, polished, carved. Abstract symbolic forms are regularly used.

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Ruimtelijk | Beelden | Mixed Media


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Over Liesbet Optendrees

Niets is vanzelfsprekend. Niets is wat het op het eerste gezicht lijkt te zijn.