Wine 10

Door Natasch Wesselink, 2019

100cm x 100cm

'Don`t you think it`s sometimes wise not to grow up? ' Dibond 3 mm. nr. 1/10. Formaat vanaf 100 x 100 cm. Prijs op aanvraag.

prijs op aanvraag


Tweedimensionaal | Photography | Digitaal bewerkt


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Over Natasch Wesselink

KeikoArt is the artistic pseudonym of Natasch Wesselink (1973). She once came to Utrecht to study photography at the art academy and then the visual arts did not let her go. She now thinks of her own world in Illustrator with line, shape and color. Her sculptures are made to zoom out literally and figuratively on reality and to search for the subconscious. Her working method on the computer gives her the space to be engaged in a digital world, which is free from limitation, with the aim of getting somewhere where she was not before. In that world where little is certain and everything moves, she feels the need to break free from reality by merging in color, composition and lines. Some works resemble a screen print, while others have a more character-like appearance.