Holland - Waterland / Summersale !

Door Ans Duin, 2018

110cm x 85cm x 1cm

Holland - Waterland. Beautifull painting, eyecatcher on your wall.! Mixed technique with acrylic on panel. Size 85 x 110 cm. Including luury silvercoloured list incl. hangingsystem If you want to see more I can send pictures byy mail. Free delivery in the Netherlands.   



Tweedimensionaal | Painting | Acryl | Op paneel


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Schilderij Wit Blauw Rose Wolken Groen Water Natuur Lucht Holland Sky Clouds Horizon Weidelandschap Einder Ansduin Artalmerenl

Over Ans Duin

If the viewer looks, he sees the hidden meaning in the landscape and the positive thought behind it. Art is also letting go, accepting life in all its forms, sorrow, grief, joy, birth, old age.