Winter in my village II

Door Czerep Andre, 2010

60cm x 80cm

Isnt it a beatefull. The winter I mean.

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Two-dimensional | Schilderkunst | Acryl | Op doek

Over Czerep Andre

Hallo I am Andre.I Have born in Poland 1947. First of all I am a writer of short stories and poems. I write end publish in my native language in my country (Poland). During my study of literature on University in Poznan I have studded for two years in Art Academy as well (Poznan).I write reviews about art-exhibitions and about work of some painters.You know that it is said that one picture is worth 1000 words, that is why I try sometimes images from stories on the canvas, board paper , stone ect .I try also using difference material in order to get new way of expression. . I am a someone who is always open for new ideas styls end end experience. I try to be up to date end learn more new techniques. That is way I have been in several works shops by another painters. For example by J. Korc