Die Tuin in my Kop

Door Sam van der Wouden - Diedericks, 2008

60cm x 30cm x 30cm

Hoog in die lug sweef die meeuwe rond

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Abstract Modern Art Figurative Expressionistic Expressionism Sculpture Surrealism Geometric Acrylics Patterns Fractals Maximalism Dreamworlds Patternmaking

Over Sam van der Wouden - Diedericks

I am a diverse multi-disciplined artist working in lots of different mediums, researching the multicultural world. Originally from the Rainbow Nation (South Africa - the Vaal Triangle), now residing in the Netherlands (The Green Triangle). The Cultural shock and uprooting influenced my work on many different levels, which I develop further with my concepts, 'Mindtree's', 'MindScapes', and 'The Tailchaser Society' these resulted in the series 'The Garden in my Head' .... a concept that I've been exploring since university-days, with infinite never-ending possibilities. When you apply the Chaos Theory and the Butterfly effect, its an amazing end result..... "Fractals in nature fascinates me, how everything fits together like puzzles, natural sequences that blow the mind.